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Winter Snow



The mission of the Kenai Peninsula Homelessness Coalition is to help individuals and families experiencing homelessness achieve stability. To accomplish this mission, the Coalition, an organization of agencies, individuals, advocates, non-profits, and service providers, has developed a five-year strategic plan to help our communities implement data-driven strategies. Homelessness is often ignored, stigmatized, or simply invisible. This is especially true in places like the Kenai Peninsula where the population is widely dispersed and there is no centralized “downtown” or area where those experiencing homelessness gather.

Through this plan, the Coalition aims to change the narrative and address the stigma around homelessness through focused efforts, cooperation, and sharing the stories of those in the community experiencing homelessness. A further hope of this plan is to identify collaborative and strategic ways for the many organizations dedicated to homelessness on the Kenai Peninsula to support families and individuals as they transition from homelessness to stability. In pursuit of this mission, the Coalition has developed a plan that identifies priority areas, strategies associated with these priority areas, and action plans to guide implementation. 

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